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Below is an animation that outlines the Liposculture procedure.

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The VASER Hi Def Liposculpturing system uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology designed to gently reshape your body.

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The Vaser Liposcultpture (Liposuction) technique also enables more precise body sculpting and targeting of specific areas resulting in smoother, more even results.For all the patients who prefer a non-invasive surgical procedure, both i-Lipo and Cool Sculpting are preferable fat reduction treatments benefitting the patients with the removal of excess fats in the body.Before and after pictures of liposuction and body sculpting by Dr. Don Revis.The procedure is much less invasive than other fat-reducing methodologies, which makes it a popular choice for those looking to enhance their appearance.

Most body areas are generally safe for Vaser liposuction because of this targeted action.This gives an enhanced visibility of the underlying musculature.Vaser liposuction uses ultrasound energy to melt fat before it is removed through a thin tube called a cannula.CoolSculpting: Lose Unwanted Fat Deposits Posted by rejuvemed1 June 6th, 2016 in Body Among all the areas in the body that store stubborn fat, women may feel most conscious about their tummy or abdomen if they have a muffintop.

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VASER Lipo (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy) is a revolutionary fat removal procedure which offers a safe alternative to traditional liposuction.

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Vaser Liposuction, a relatively new treatment when it comes to body sculpting but surely an effective one.

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F. or those with larger areas to sculpt, the treatment of choice is VASER.

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This technique of liposuction is ideal for men and women who are healthy and fit and desire a sculpted and muscular look.Make sure to ask your doctor which procedure they recommend for the area you want to undergo liposuction.Vaser liposuction is a less invasive fat removal and body sculpting procedure using ultrasound technology to breakdown fat cells with less damage to the surrounding tissue.

Vaser 4d and 4d Vaser Lipo are among the variations or upgraded versions of the basic vaser liposuction treatment.This means, where the surgeon is going to remove and relocate the fat.

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Our Genesis Signature Lipo-Sculpting is unique in that we combine 3 different forms of liposuction using Laser lipolysis, Vaser Lipo-Selection and Tickle-Lipo to achieve a smoother and thinner result.

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The VASER Shape features Ultrasound diathermy, (high frequency sound waves similar to the Ultrasound energy used to evaluate areas such as pregnancy, heart valves and gall bladders for decades) to safely generate localized heat beneath the surface of the skin.Liposuction is a procedure that reshapes almost any area of the body by using various surgical methods to remove excess fat deposits.Traditional Lipo: Traditional methods remove fat through avulsion.

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Next, the surgeon performs more precise sculpting that leaves behind small amounts of fat to amplify the underlying muscle tone.Let the VASER System Dissolve Your Concerns about Liposuction.You can drive home and resume normal activities after the procedure.

This system also preserves the viability of the fat cells for use in fat transfer.

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Vaser liposelection targets areas of fat in the body, leaving other tissues intact, and makes the muscles appear more defined.

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